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Who is Duende


Duende Management is a boutique agency representing international talent across the board in Europe and the United States.

We pride ourselves in offering an American style of personal management, catered to each individual's strengths; nurturing, guiding and allowing our talent to achieve their full potential in all markets, thanks to the great relationships built with the casting industry.


Cyd Fenice


Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Duende" mean?

El duende is the spirit of evocation, it comes from the inside as a physical / emotional response to art.  It stems from flamenco.  When watching a particularly inspiring performance, it is said that "you have/feel feel duende". 


It is what gives you chills, makes you smile or cry as a bodily reaction to an artistic performance that is particularly expressive.

What's the difference between a personal manager

and a talent agent?

A talent agent is reactive. A personal manager is proactive.

Most actors in the United States and Canada have both representation, who usually work together in order to help an actor's career. 

What kind of actor are you looking for?

Working from the motto that "knowledge is power", we strongly believe in continuous learning.

If you'd not on set, then you're in class.  


We value the proactive actor, whether you are upleveling your skills towards your acting career or your personal growth.

We value communication and engage with our clients regularly, encouraging them to take an active role in their career.

We value professionalism.  Your reputation is everything in this industry and can take you further than you think. 

We value diversity.  We believe that you are a lot more than how people view you.

Are you taking submissions?

Yes, we are currently taking submissions!

Ideally, you will have a Spotlight profile.  This is the platform used by casting offices worldwide.

Get in touch here.

We are not taking submissions at this moment. Stay tuned for updates.

You can also follow us on twitter and instagram to keep in touch.

How are we responding to Covid-19?

We are very lucky to be working in the media industry as it has been allowed to keep on working throughout lockdown.

Production companies have invested in Covid tests for all cast and crew, while still observing the wearing of masks on set and observing social distance, contributing to building a safe working environment for everyone. 

Our clients' welfare is our priority and we discuss each project carefully with each individual.

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